among the beautiful cities of "Costiera"

with personal shore excursion Amalfi coast tours

Travels through beautiful Amalfi coast, including a tour in Ravello and Positano, can be more relaxing an satisfactory by a private driver who can offer you a real private day tour with excursions in Costiera, visiting its main sea cities and their shores, as Amalfi, Positano and Ravello. A private day tour with a private driver has many positive aspects, it can show you a personal path through history, nature and gastronomy of the most beautiful coast in the South of Italy. Amalfi, Ravello and Positano can be visited planning a private day tour and personal excursions with the help of an excellent service, who can offer you an organized car trip from Naples Port to Amalfi coast, including shore trips and every attraction you need to see. Amalfi has many attractions, as the ancient paper farm, the traditional restaurants as Tarì, Baracca or Caravella, the elegant coffee bar in the main square, with particular products of Southern enogastronomy, such as candies with orange and lemon, the tasty ice-cream, the famous pizza or "limoncello" liquor, that you can choose walking in the old city while your private driver waits for your return. Choosing a private day tour has many positive aspects, as having an organization moduled on your needs and on what you prefer to see, without waiting for the choices of someone else. For example, if you need to play photos in a natural place, like Amalfi shore, or to visit a particular tourist attraction, such as the beautiful white houses of the old city, you can find your personal time and dimension according with your private driver.This excellent service offer to you the possibility to create your private day tour and excursions choosing your favourite destinations and touristic attraction independently and freely from others. A private day tour created including shore trips can be very fascinating with a private driver through Amalfi and the other cities of Costiera, that you can see in the same day, such as Ravello and Positano, starting and ending in Naples Port.